Today, I did my first regular news read in the studio, which I will use for my reel project. I usually do sports reads, stand ups and packages so I thought today would be a good chance for me to switch it up and get some practice in a regular news broadcast. I think the footage from today will allow me to display my versatility as a broadcaster.

While my focus and aspiration is in sports, I’m interested in all aspects of broadcast and would like to display my skills in both.

Director Chris Tate and producers critiqued me as I was working my way through the script and gave me tips to sound like more of a professional broadcaster. They helped me realize that I needed to slow down my tempo while reading which allowed me to sound less robotic, which would allow me to connect to the viewers more where they would have an easier time processing the information that I am reading to them.

I noticed that the tempo of reading for a news broadcast and a sports broadcast are slightly different, while the style of reading is vastly different. When reading sports, I can be a bit more expressive with my hands and body movement than I can in a news broadcast where I need to be almost still at the desk. I became more comfortable relaying the news with each rep I took.

I would very much like to do another news read in the future so that I can be comfortable in both broadcast styles. I think that being able to conduct both a sports broadcast and a news broadcast, along with my production and editing experience will make me a valuable asset for where I work in the future.

I can feel myself growing and developing after each day that I spend working at the station. I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity to be able to learn from my superiors here at WAVY TV-10.