November flew in here, and with it means I’m nearing the end of my internship. It feels like just yesterday, I was walking through the doors of the WAVY building to start my intern journey.

Taking a look back on my October, I feel as if I have accomplished quite a bit. I finalized my intern project, and I am ecstatic to work alongside reporter Kiahnna Patterson to build my reporter reels. As per usual, I spent my Friday nights along the sidelines of numerous high school football games—feeling the crowd’s energy flow through me as I got some stand-up with sports reporter James Kattato’s guidance.

I spend the majority of my time still in complete gratitude and awe of Mike Booth and Antonio Jones’ expertise and guidance in the WAVY promotions department as I journey toward becoming a reporter. So much goes into the behind-the-scenes work, and I am grateful I have such wonderful mentors to equip me with all I need to grow.

Being a full-time educator throughout this journey has not been the easiest, but we are never given more than we can handle. This experience has taught me not only better time-management skills, but to value my time as well.

Cheers to my last month as a WAVY intern!