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NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – October 25 marks the most memorable day of this internship! This was my first 1 a.m. – 9 a.m. shift and because of how well this night went, I changed my 9-5 hours to 1-9 on Mondays. Yes, 1-9 sounds very tiring, but actually, it was the biggest adrenaline rush I have gotten in the entirety of this internship so far.

I walked into the station building at 1 in the morning not knowing what to expect. The whole point of trying to do a morning shift was to hopefully be on-site for breaking news, and I sure was. After meeting LV, the photojournalist that works the night shift, he suggested that we started off getting coffee. At the coffee machine, LV was reiterating that the amount of creamer that I was adding was a lot. I refuse to drink black coffee!

After some time passed, BREAKING NEWS happened. There was a shooting in the 700 block of Childs Avenue in Hampton. A man was shot and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Once we were told this, off we went into the station vehicle to get on-site. There was something about the drive there that got me feeling the adrenaline, knowing that we were going to something that just got released as breaking news.

Once we got there, it was pitch black and completely quiet. Nothing was going on, but based off of some clues, we could tell which house it might’ve happened near in the neighborhood. Because nothing was happening, we drove down the street and parked in order for LV to get his wide, medium, and tight shots. During this time, I watched what was going on and observed LV get the video he needed. Once he was done, I was able to get practice doing many stand-ups in the neighborhood.

However, it was not just “let’s get these stand-ups and head out.” LV put in a lot of effort to help me learn how to do a stand-up properly, and we were doing stand-ups as the morning went on. It was probably around 3:30 a.m. when I was standing in the middle of the neighborhood practicing excessively. During this time, LV was giving me tips and advice on what I was doing well and what I needed to improve. The practice gave me a rush too because of the fact that it was early in the morning. It was also exciting because I felt like the practice stand-ups were actually going to go on TV while LV was filming.


“We have another breaking news story, let’s go”.

LV and I went back into the station vehicle to head to Norfolk to the 5800 block of Hampton Blvd. for the report of a car that crashed into a house. Details were not released on how it happened, but when we got there, there was a police officer, a tow truck, and someone in the now damaged house. The crash was very bad, and there was another damaged vehicle in the back, which the tow truck removed a short while after we arrived. The yellow Mini Cooper that crashed into the house was still out front.

I started taking pictures of the scene and got a stand-up as well. LV said that we were more in a rush to get back to the station than from the other story, so he gave me three tries to get the stand-up right. The second try was great, so we didn’t need to do it a third time. I loved doing this stand-up so much, as it was more interactive than the shooting story.

After I was done with the stand-ups, LV went to the car to upload the footage we just got. Yes, there is a desk inside of the car! I watched him do that and then we went back to the station to look at the footage in the editing room while we talked. He gave me some tips about journalism that I will always remember!

I can’t thank LV enough for guiding me so much this night and for being such an amazing mentor!

P.S.- You can never put in too much creamer in your coffee 🙂

Typing from the assignment desk, this is Samantha Taherian, 10 On Your Side.

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