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My experience interning at Wavy 10 these past three weeks has been a roller coaster ride of excitement and utter joy of a dream come true. Still, 3 weeks in from my first day, it is still unfathomable that my life would cross paths with this station and the people that I look up to.

The first day was very exciting. I came at the busiest day that I could ever pick as of a first day. Entering into the news room made me feel like I belong. The smell of coffee, people talking, news reporters walking around, female anchors wearing curlers and the various sounds of typing. It felt like home.

After shadowing for two days, Jane finally broke my wall: publishing my first story. I sat in my desk having “anxiety coughs” panicking in what will happen. But, by faith I overcame my first published story.

After that, an uncontrollable burning confidence began in me. I became more hungrier in my walk in this internship. The urge to ask for more stories became an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss.

Later in the days, I have met with the great Andy Fox, Tom Schaad, Katie Collett, and many more outstanding people that I look up to. These people have inspired me to pursue my dreams in the news industry. However, there is one person that I have been wanting to meet: Don Roberts.

When I am not interning, I have a part time job at TJ MAXX. In the last 2 years that I have been working there, my coworkers come up to me that they have seen Don Roberts shop at the location where work. The downside is, that when I’m not at work, he’s there. All these times I have been praying for a moment to finally meet this great man in person. Little did I know, that it’ll be right next to the desk that I work. Finally, a dream come true.

As of my third week closes, my experience at Wavy News has been a beautiful beginning in a book that I never want to end. With new friends and new knowledge, I thank God for this opportunity. It makes me want to aspire more. Here at WAVY, they truly live by their name that they will always be “ON YOUR SIDE”.

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