My Life on Broadcast: A News Reporter’s First Few Weeks on the Job

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I’m wrapping up my second week as a newsroom intern at WAVY 10 and it still seems surreal that I was given the opportunity. To be honest, I had hesitations when applying for internships over the summer: would I actually gain real experience? Would I just be getting coffee for higher ups? Either way, I would be happy to just get a foot in the door. I’ll never forget where I was the moment an email was sent to my inbox that I had been selected for a Fall internship here at Channel 10. I shrieked and jumped and cried and hugged my best friend who I asked to reread the email and make sure I wasn’t seeing it incorrectly. This experience thus far has been a dream and I would not want to be in another newsroom.

What amazes me the most here at WAVY is how receptive everyone is to interns asking questions. Whether it’s something as mundane as adding the signature to your work email, how to use the high tech coffee maker, or asking if you can shoot your first stand up, us interns are always treated as if we’re among the most seasoned reporters in the room. They want us to succeed as much as we want to succeed as journalists, and that sets the station apart.

Aesia got me in front of the camera to shoot my first whip.

I’ve heard it said that as a reporter, you learn more on the first day than you will any other day on the job. I, however, disagree. Everyday brings new insight and no day is like the one before. My second day on the job, I got the chance to go to the Norfolk SPCA with one of the reporters and help cover a story about filling the shelters in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. I shadowed as we walked through the kennels with a tripod and learned the ins and outs of interviewing for VOSOTS. I shot my first ever whip on camera and realized in that instant that reporting is exactly how I plan to live the rest of my life. I’ve interviewed people about fundraisers, I’ve talked to passersby in a neighborhood where there was a mysterious overnight crime that seemed to have no explanation. What I’ve realized is that everyone simply wants to be heard. They want to know someone is on their side, and I’m thankful to be working with a station who prides itself in being “on your side.”

My first interview for a VOSOT.

Above everything else, my greatest takeaway from the past two weeks is the impact that journalists have. With every story I’ve gone out to cover, there is always someone who recognizes WAVY reporters or equipment and they are always so quick to thank us for what we do. I never understood the platform that journalism gives you and when I stop to reflect on that, it’s heavy. But if a story about dogs doing arts and crafts can raise awareness to stop animal shelters from killing certain breeds, then reporting is a noble field. WAVY has solidified that my dream of being a journalist has not changed, and I’m glad that my persistence has led me here because honestly, it’s the place to be. You’ll see me anchoring World News eventually, but for now, catch me here.

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