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These past few weeks at Wavy have been so much fun! I have learned a lot in the promotions department as far as topicals go, and the process behind writing, producing, and editing them. Ms. Kristen and the gang have allowed me to do all those things by myself which has been super fun. I love to write so the writing part has probably been the easiest thing to grasp (although the revisions are crazy but I understand it won’t be perfect at first SOMETIMES.) Doing the topicals has taught me how to manage my time and utilize my time in an effective manner. Having to realize everything needs to fit within a :15, :05, :04 second clip was stressful at first. However, now I feel like a mini pro doing everything required for the afternoon topicals, I have learned to use my creative writing style to make the writing portion go by easily. Editing at first was a little bit of a struggle but I have a grasp for it now and am pretty efficient. Also, Erik our voice-over guy is amazing and is usually able to keep everything within the time needed for the slot. It’s really awesome to see what I have worked on come on live television. Recently, I got to shadow Bob the producer for a few hours and got a mini grip on what it is like to be a newsroom producer for a day, I was fascinated with how much work goes into the daily news and the tedious tasks required of a producer in the news world. I enjoyed the fast paced environment and the time managing required to have a solid noon show. Hopefully, I can shadow him again for a better understanding of everything in the near future. The highlight outside of the promotions department has to be when I got to go out and shadow the legendary Andy Fox! I was at first reluctant to ask him but decided I wanted the most out of my interning experience. I am so glad I made this decision to shadow him, especially on the day I did as well. We went out on a Wednesday with a story that was rather interesting with not a lot of information. We arrive at the location and in typical Andy Fox fashion we rushed in through the front door and caught the people we were looking for off-guard. However it didn’t end well for us as we were chased out and had been threatened by a police call (we weren’t worried about that). Unfortunately, that story ended up falling through because the person who called in about the interview didn’t want to do an interview, which was kinda sad because we had really good footage from our surprise “attack”. Our next story we went to federal court and watched the trial of a mailman who was storing mail into a storage unit, this was rather boring yet because we couldn’t get an interview with the lawyer or mail dude. It was however interesting watching a mini federal trial take place and the work we put in to get the information. This was another bust story, due to there being a fire that was relatively close to us. This final story was live at 4, 5, 6pm and was definitely a different pace compared to the rest of our days adventures. Being able to watch not only Andy but our cameraman Jack work as quickly as they did in order to make packages for their live slots. Overall, these past few weeks have been truly amazing and I can’t wait for more adventures here at Wavy!!!

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