PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — I have only been an intern for the Promotions Team for about a week now, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have learned a lot of new skills from partnering with WAVY-TV 10.

Sign of Wavy 10 Interns/Photo: Kenneth Ferguson

My name is Kenneth Ferguson. Ever since I was kid, I have always had a passion for film and media production. Whether it was working behind the scenes with the cameras, editing clips together, writing short plays, or even performing on stage in front of people; I loved doing it all. That’s why when I found out I got accepted into this internship, I was exhilarated.

WAVY 10 Orientation/ Photo: Stephanie Cooke

I found out about the opportunity by running into a former WAVY News 10 anchor, Anita Blanton, who gave me an insight on her experiences working for the station and told me what steps to take so that I could apply for the internship.

First Topical/ Photo: Antonio Jones

Within my first week here, I was able to help produce daily news topicals for the 4 pm newscast. A topical is a news promo that is produced to tease the top stories of the day. I was excited to see something that I helped create appear on the news stations just minutes later. I was also able to learn about the amount of hard work and the importance that it takes to place the promos in specific places on the station program log.

Commercial Production Crew from left to right, Ezra Petersen, Kenneth Ferguson, Zak Khaliqi

I was also excited to go out and shoot a commercial with the commercial production team. I got to travel to places I had never been, I learned about all the different equipment, and I even had the chance to help shoot a couple of shots myself. I absolutely loved every single part of the process.

Overall, my first few weeks here have been amazing and I am glad that I have been given the chance to learn from the people that I work with. I will keep working with the Promotions Team and others around the building so that I can excel in what I do.