PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — As I’m wrapping up my internship and reflecting on my time here at WAVY, it is crazy to think about how much I have learned over this summer.

The daily tasks I used to find confusing during my first couple of days as a Hampton Roads Show intern are now second nature. From simply understanding the show’s rundown, to cutting video and creating web posts, I now feel confident in my skills.

I have also completed my intern goals checklist, which consisted of tasks in other departments throughout the station. I greatly understand how all the departments play a role in a newsroom. One of my favorite experiences from the checklist was shadowing in the sales department, which surprised me. I had never really thought about their role in a news station, and it is so important. The time I spent in the digital, promotions and news departments were also very eye-opening. Most people don’t think about everything that goes on behind the scenes to build the station’s brand, and create what viewers see on TV.

As I head into my last week, I will finish up my final project, and continue to work on the skills that I have learned.