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By Danika Green

Danika Green (Right) practicing the Telephoto Lens effect with Jason Ruel (Left).

 The progression of my internship here at WAVY 10 has been very beneficial.

First off, I submitted my final project for the internship, and it got approved. This has given me the opportunity to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about the mental and physical effect of Domestic Violence on children. These past few weeks, I have been working on the preproduction process of this PSA. It has been fully cast and now production design is underway.

I have also had the opportunity to shadow Stephanie Cooke, the Executive Producer of the Hampton Roads Show. She showed me how a Producer keeps track of time during a live show.  There are a lot of instances were segments must be cut due to time. However, it did seem like a fun job to race against the clock.

Another thing I did was shadow Bob Bennett, A Producer in the Newsroom. He showed me how to write a budget from scratch when the reporters receive the story the day of. He also showed me the website WAVY uses to create map graphics which seemed pretty cool. On top of that, he gave me some really good advice, “Do what you love.” This will help me in my future plans of deciding what job in the television department I would want to do for the rest of my life. On top of that, Bob Bennett also showed me some job sites to help me with my future search.

Recently I attended two different lunch and learns. One of them was hosted by the Promotions department. We went outside and learned about Neutral Density, Polarizers, and even wide and telephoto lenses. I was taught that it is possible to make an object look closer and bigger in comparison to another object by using a telephoto lens. You simply, move the camera back and zoom into the subject. The object in the background will appear to grow and come closer with each step back with the camera. It was a fun experience being able to test it on the Black Magic and seeing it in person. I will have to try this technique on projects in the future.

The other lunch and learn that I went to was hosted by Stephanie Cooke. The interns got to hear some career advice from the employees of WAVY. The best advice that I got from that meeting was to be who I wanted to be, not just what I think I am. For example. I am not an aspiring filmmaker; I AM a filmmaker.  This positive thinking will guide me through the rest of my career, as I embrace to unknown.

Overall, I had a positive experience the last two weeks and look forward to the future.

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