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It’s been over a month now since being a WAVY intern, and there hasn’t been a boring day since. Since working on The Hampton Roads Show, everything has become natural to me. From analyzing the rundown, checking in the guest, mic-ing them, making sure the show runs smoothly and enjoying the chef’s creation at the end of the show. Whether it’s in the studio or in production I’ve become more confident, but it was time for me to explore another department. Today, I shadowed Kevin Greene in digital to understand WAVY’s digital world.

I watched him go from screen to screen while answering my questions. From there I was able to attend a morning meeting. As I was sitting in the meeting, I was watching the anchors were explain the different stories they were working on how they wanted to approach them. The scene reminded me of how my classes at Radford were conducted, which was comforting to see. I started to envision myself walking in and contributing a story one day until then I’m more than happy to learn as much as I can.

After the meeting, I went back to Kevin’s desk and as he was explaining his process it wasn’t surprising how quickly things were moving; I became used to it at this point. Engaging with online content & the audience is something that I have been more than eager to get my hands on. So, when he asked if I wanted to write an article on the site I was very excited but my confidence depleted a bit. It would be my first time writing something for a large audience to see, which led me to critique myself harder than Kevin did. As usual, it didn’t stop me from doing my best, there were some fixes but overall I think it came out well. When he said, “Ok it’s live.” I was grinning from ear to ear. He let me know that my reaction was good because it showed that I cared and I definitely did; which is currently live!

While being an intern, I realize that I’m becoming a fast learner, trusting my instincts more and that entering the building with equal parts excitement and nerves, it’s a feeling that I’m holding on to. I’m more than excited to practice what I’ve learned in the classroom to the field.

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