PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – My father’s passion and drive during his career in television is something I will forever be proud of. It is a contribution to why I feel so passionate about journalism.

Growing up, I knew I had a love for writing, photography, videography and just storytelling overall. I decided my freshman year to major in digital journalism rather than broadcast because I saw a glimpse of the broadcast world from my father’s career and did not think it was for me. Little did I know it would take a 16-week course in broadcast writing and my father getting really sick to realize this industry was absolutely for me.

Getting the email that I was picked to be WAVY’s digital intern for the summer was humbling, yet an opportunity I am so grateful for.

It has been two weeks since I first walked through the doors all doe eyed and nervous and I’ve learned an abundance about the digital but also some of the television world.

WAVY Orientation/Stephanie Cooke

I’ve already published 10 articles with MY byline to accompany it. Nothing topped that feeling when I first saw my name on the WAVY website with an article I wrote below it. Best and most exciting feeling ever!

I’ve also been lucky enough to attend The Hampton Roads Show at Harborfest as a field producer being kind of a liaison between guests and the anchors. Getting to meet Bruce Rader and Chris Reckling who worked with my dad back in the day was a great moment too.

I can’t wait for these next few weeks while I learn even more about not just digital but promotions, The Hampton Roads Show, news, sports, etc.

I’m doing all this while knowing how proud my father is of me. Something I will cherish everyday is how my father instilled in me this passion and some would call it the “television bug”.

Here’s to the beginning of my career in journalism and starting it at WAVY TV-10. See you with another update on what I’ve been doing in my next blog!