Time flies when you’re having fun is the perfect metaphor to sum up the past few weeks at WAVY. I can’t even explain how much I’ve learned while serving as an intern in the digital department.

Last week was super exciting! I got to sit in on Kayla as she hosted the Olympic Zone. I appreciate that opportunity because I got to learn more about the newsroom and from one of the best anchors here.

It’s no surprise that this wasn’t all I would learn that week. After I shadowed the Olympics, I was able to shadow Madison and Wyatt on what is called a live shot.

I rode with them to the crime scene of a local shooting and also learned techniques on how to post updates on social media like Twitter. It was super exciting.

Yesterday was super cool. I took pictures for the group photo at the station and saw the station’s chopper for the first time as well.

My boss Jane in the digital department has also provided me with some great advice on how to better my news stories. I usually work weekends and this was my first-week working weekdays with the same schedule as Jane.

As I write this Nathan told me that one of the pictures I took was posted on WAVY’s official Instagram page, you should follow it @wavynews10. One thing about me, is I enjoy helping others, especially people who have done so much for me.

My mentor Nathan in digital is such a goat and has been nothing but patient with me. Every day I come in I learn something new from him and he has helped my confidence grow as a writer.

There’s so much to learn from everyone at the station. My thirst for knowledge is only getting heavier and I can’t wait for the next few weeks to come.