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By Danika Green

A studio camera for the noon show.

 The past two weeks of my internship, I have spent a lot of time on film shoots and learning about other departments in the station.

I went on this one film shoot that was planned last minute. It was for a recreational vehicle company. What was interesting, was the technique in getting appealing shots in a cramped amount of space with a limited amount of time. It was hard to move around the light stands inside the campers. I had to keep clasping the stand’s legs to move it in between the rooms. However, the campers looked very nice in all the shoots and I look forward to seeing the final product.

I was also given the opportunity to observe how Commercial Producer Lisa Greene got to direct two young children on one of the shoots. It was a learning experience to be able to observe how to get the children to behave.  I believe this will help me in both my personal life and in the film business when I must direct young children.

A few days ago, I got to observe how the Hampton Road Show runs behind the scenes. It was interesting to see that the cameras are controlled by one person at a station. They move to different shots depending on the programming of the controller. I also got to run the cameras for a section when I observed the noon show at Wavy 10. This was very new to be as I was taught how to shoot a live show with camera personal. I have the experience on how to manually film a live show. However, I was confused when I learned that one person oversees up to for cameras at one time.

 It took me a second to observe how much has changed in the industry from what I learned in college. It was interesting to find out that the Director of the show is now in charge of a lot of other positions as well. For instance, they know are in charge of switching between the shots on the keyboard, applying graphics, adjusting mics and audio, and keeping track of the run time. At the same time, the Director is still reading the teleprompter for their ques on when to transition a shot. Director Steven Crocker explained the technical aspects of programing a shot. He also explained how to assign mic numbers for different spots. This was all very new to me, but I think I have at least a basic understanding of all the updates in the live control room. I hope to become even more knowledgeable and learn more about it.

These observations from the different sets and live shows have really helped me in my understanding of how to improve as a film student. They have also given me updated knowledge and a new understanding of how the industry is constantly advancing in technology. I continue to look forward to what’s to come.

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