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When I traveled through the building on orientation, and almost every day since, each room was filled with opportunity. My first two days mainly involved observing the work of the floor director on the Hampton Roads Show. Watching Stephanie Cooke glide back and forth in the studio while calling orders, was exciting at first. However realizing that would be me throughout this experience, was intimidating but still exciting. I was ready to gain more authority and have people listen to me, especially because I was an introvert for most of my childhood. Getting the chance to take charge of the studio as a floor director was invigorating, I made few mistakes but I didn’t let that stop me.

In order to know the directions such as the break times and when to let the audience clap, I had to listen to people in production. Which is where I also got a better understanding of the multiple roles in production; director, teleprompter, and producer. I spent most of my time there during the morning show and while it was on the air, I was able to shadow everyone. They were all in the zone while still making it entertaining. The teleprompter first caught my attention so I thought, “Let’s see if I’m still good at this.” There were some moments when I needed to go faster, but I still made my way through.

Knowing how hectic the media environment can be was nothing new to me, and there are moments when that is true. However, seeing the process of it coming together is enjoyable for me. I love the idea of creating something for people. Whether that’s in news or entertainment, I’m ready to experience every department in this building. I’m also realizing a few things. 1.feeling that sense of authority/leadership is becoming more natural to me. 2. Making mistakes is fine as long as you keep moving forward and don’t repeat them, and 3. As cliche as it sounds, teamwork really does make the dream work.

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