PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Going into month 2 of my experience thus far as an intern for WAVY 10 News and I am learning more than I ever have at any other job site. I feel as if I am starting to understand the objectives of the sales team a little more each day.

I am finally starting to venture off a bit into the different work divisions here at WAVY. I have scheduled several different meetings for the month of October to try and further develop my skills/knowledge in the field.

A couple of weeks into October and I have been working closely with Haley Harkins (social media specialist) to fully grasp how important her role is here at WAVY and in business in general. Most businesses have very little to no knowledge in the social media field and that’s where Haley’s role comes into play. She creates social media advertisements for the clients and that taps into an untouched target audience that isn’t utilized like it should be. Reaching that halfway point here at WAVY and it is bittersweet. I honestly did not know how fast this opportunity would go by, but this is just added motivation for myself to continue to make the most out of my time here at WAVY.

One thing I also want to set out to do is to reassure everyone that has taken the time to help me, teach me, and even mentor me here at WAVY to see the finished product of their words of encouragement. I mentioned this in my previous blog, but this is an eye opener of how everyone here at WAVY is truly here for a bigger cause than just themselves.

No one here owes me anything, but the fact that every member of the team here has embraced me with open arms and have been more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise in this career field is just a beautiful experience. 

The first person I met with was Earlisha and she is an account executive for the sales team here at WAVY and she was able to share some great advice on how her job works and how to become successful at it.

Next, I ended up going down to the promotions room and meeting everyone and talking with each member of the team to really see how each individual person helps the team thrive. Shadowing Mike and Nicole during our TSR (that stands for ‘targeted special report’) shoot with Chris was an unreal experience on how professional and organized this whole team is.

The Lunch and Learn with Stephanie (intern coordinator), the News Director and the other interns was a huge reality check into what’s to come in the next couple of months of my life. This was an opportunity to slow down and look in the rear view mirror of how the journey is going at WAVY but also to check the map and make sure that we are on the right track. Gaining first hand experience is the best thing to do as an intern and I feel like I am making steps to find out my true calling in the career field.

Today, Zac and Ezra blessed me with the opportunity to go shoot a commercial for one of the clients and being there to offer my help and having them be able to coach me through everything but still remain professional to the clients was something that I will always be extremely grateful for.

This blog I just want to highlight my gratitude to not only Stephanie but the ENTIRE staff here at WAVY 10 News because as much as I am dedicated to you guys, I can feel how dedicated you all are to helping me grow as a person and for that I am forever grateful.