PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Since I began my time here at WAVY a little over two months ago, I’ve gotten to do many things I never thought that I would do. I’ve learned how to cover sports and build sports content, as well as watch Friday Night Flights be filmed. After that, I get to cut and edit it for the website. Prior to my time at WAVY I’d always dodged sports coverage, so it’s been a new and educational experience! 

Chris Reckling interviews B Menace on the Hampton Roads Show on Nov. 4, 2022 (WAVY – Sydney Haulenbeek).

I’ve also been hands-on in helping with the nightly news, and have learned how to operate the cameras, do studio set-ups, and watched as the director codes, punches, and times the shows. Today, I got to work on the Hampton Roads Show set and watched as the staff danced through the different sections, such as promotionals, the Buzz, and then live music with an audience.  

I have also continued to write constantly for the Web Desk, as I am halfway through and have written more than 60 articles.  I’ve gotten to do more crime coverage, which I enjoy, and a few weeks ago I wrote an article that aired on the news that night, which was an awesome feeling. 

A coworker of my father also sent him an article to discuss, and I was the one who wrote it. It is rewarding to know that people are reading things that I cover.  

In the next few weeks, I’m looking forward to getting to work with promotions and sales and getting to go out with news in the future!