PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — It’s so hard to believe that December is right around the corner. After this point, I’ll have ten days (or less) to savor the final moments of this internship, but fortunately, I have a plan to make the best of it.

Happy Holidays from the WebDesk!

This holiday season I’ve been asked to research some of the most festive events in the Hampton Roads area!

Over the past two weeks, I’ve helped compile this year’s Hampton Roads Holiday Guide as well as a guide on where to find Santa Claus between now and Christmas Eve.

I had tons of fun putting these together, but they took quite a bit of time! Why? Well, it’s extremely important that the “guides” and resources we provide the public are accurate, clear, and timely. If not, we risk our credibility and more importantly our viewers won’t be as likely to count on us in the future.

Although I did a lot of double (and triple checking), it was well-worth knowing that the process was diligent for our standards but for viewers as well.

Learning my way around the edit bay

These past two weeks of my internship have taken an interesting turn. Recently, I worked closely with newsroom editor Sam, to understand the workflow of loading edited videos into the ENPS and using BitCentral.

Newsroom editors often work in Adobe Premiere Pro and see all of the raw footage captured by photographers. Editors also have to exercise a certain news judgment when deciding which clips make it into the newscast.

During my time in the edit bay, I learned that it’s important to watch footage carefully and avoid overly-graphic content such as blood or bodies that would disturb a general audience. For example, footage from the scene of a shooting incident would typically include b-roll such as yellow police tape, police cars, and a street sign to describe the location. However, it wouldn’t or shouldn’t include graphic photos of the victim.

The season finale of Friday Night Flights

The season finale of Friday Night Flights wrapped up on Nov. 19. However, local high schools are still battling for regional titles, and I was able to help produce a web story on the regional winners.

One of the things that I think I’ll miss most from covering Friday Night Flights. It’s allowed me to learn a variety of tools that Digital Content Producers use to create great digital content such as cutting videos in Anvato, viewing the ENPS to gather information, and optimizing stories on the web with promo links and different blocks.

Goals for the end

As always, I’m going to continue to learn, ask questions, and improve at writing, editing, and news judgement in general.

Before the end of my internship, I hope to learn more about the promotions department and creative services. I’ve always been curious of how WAVY conceptualizes and then produces their promo videos. One of my favorite at the moment, which I thought was great, is a promo on Men’s Health Awareness Month or Movember.

I hope that within the time I have left, I can shadow a promotions producer and see the magic behind how these promos come to life. Until then, you can catch more updates on the rest of my internship experience on Twitter @ascottreports.