PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – I am now at the halfway point of my internship with WAVY. It still feels like I just started!

I have grown very comfortable in my role as floor director of The Hampton Roads Show. Filming the show is still my favorite part of each day.

Since my last blog post, I have ventured out to learn more about the other departments at WAVY TV 10. I spent one whole morning with the Sales Department shadowing different people in different roles. I got to sit in on one of their weekly meetings where I learned how important the department is to the company. I learned how WAVY partners with businesses to produce content. It was fascinating to see the analytics behind what we choose to air and when, and how many impressions WAVY reaches compared to other local news stations.

I went on my first shoot out in the field for the Hampton Roads Show at Hunt Club Farm with show host, Tara Wheeler. The experience was familiar because it was just like an interview conducted in the studio. This experience felt close to home because Hunt Club Farm is a place I have visited many times as a kid so it was neat to see another side of the business.

I have started to participate in The Buzz segments for the show by posting comments on the HRS Facebook page. I send the posts to my friends and family so they may participate as well. One of my comments was read this week on the show!

I have posted 42 web posts since my internship started, including some for Pet Pals, Community Connection, and Reck on the Road. I have even created a few sponsored posts. I have definitely got the hang of posting to the web and I have been told by my producer that I am quick with writing them.

All the interns at WAVY gathered for a Lunch and Learn meeting where we were given insight of how to get a job in the industry. I learned how to put together a reel and what to look for when applying for a position. I made sure to take a lot of notes because this meeting gave us some of the most valuable information we will need to pursue a career in the industry.

I still have so much to learn here at WAVY. I am determined to make the most of the rest of my time doing this internship and soak up as much information as I can.