PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Since I was a child, I can remember watching the news with my papa before and after school, it was our routine. I loved to see how they were storytellers or how they would interview people of all walks of life. I would stare at the screen in awe and I knew that this was a career path I would love to take someday, but I never knew how to get there or where to even start.

This summer, I decided to apply for an internship at WAVY, in hopes of figuring out what I wanted to do in the broadcasting journalism field. I was in shock when I found out I got accepted and since then I have been having the time of my life.

I was able to come into a job that I love and watch people in my career field, who are so dedicated to what they do. At WAVY, I can truly see how much the people there have such a passion for journalism, and it is reflected in everything they do.

My absolute favorite part about being an intern was getting hands-on experience. I learned how to write teases for a show. I was taught how to time a show and make sure it is kept on track. I literally have gotten to write segments in the script and hear them actually being used on TV, which is incredibly rewarding by the way. I got to meet new people every day and learn a little about what they do, which is why I wanted to go into this field. For the past couple of weekends, reporter Madison Pearman let me tag along with her and photographer Corby Slaughter. She even helped me put together a package, which meant so much to me that she would take the time out to teach me how to put one together from start to finish.

Another thing I love is the resources I had at hand. I had a building full of professionals who are always so willing to help. I never felt like I was inferior while I interned here, they have always made me feel like I belong. From the Hampton Roads Show crew always being patient in teaching me, to my desk buddies in promotions who were always my biggest supports throughout this entire process, I have been blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing people.

This opportunity is something I will forever be grateful for. I cannot wait for the day I will be able to look back and reminisce on how this started my career journey. Thank you to everyone who has made this experience unforgettable, I will never forget it!