PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — My experience thus far as an intern for WAVY 10 News has been way more than I anticipated. From the time orientation began, I knew that I was choosing the right team to be a part of and help me grow as an individual. The way the employees interact with one another and how each person has one common goal in mind: for WAVY to be successful and that is the foundation of WAVY.

Everyone here is so helpful and it feels like they actually want to see you be great, be successful here, and produce a hard-working member of society.

One of the first things that I learned was how to navigate through the application Canva Pro and use it to create multiple advertisements. Whenever Haley and Karolyn told me about this app, I felt slightly nervous because personally I never worked with it and also I am not the most digitally creative person. However, having them believe in me and give me the advice necessary to become successful at my task is a huge advantage. Having them two as mentors/ leaders have taught me so much because they both have great experience, knowledge in the field, and it seems like they genuinely want me to succeed.

I have been responsible for creating three ads for the company 4MAS and a few of their new products. Here are the ads that I was in charge of creating(shown below)

Another big learning experience was when I was given the opportunity to be a part of the video shoot at Cape Henry Collegiate School with the film team, as well as Haley the Social Media Specialist.

A couple things that I was able to take away from that experience is to see what goes on behind the scenes of the shoot and also how the creative minds of Zach and Ezrah work together and bring their vision to fruition.

Away from the business side of things, Haley has been a great mentor and taught me a handful of things this month. Some important advice that she has given me has been along the lines of; never stop proving your value at work, it’s always game time, and don’t let people find out your worst quality; tell them instead.

By taking time to absorb all of the information, learn about the people that I work beside, and to see all of the moving parts of the machine work hand and hand is truly a beautiful experience. The most valuable thing I learned so far has been me realizing the thin line that separates me being a college student and me being a full-time adult. Everything you do prepares you for the real-world, give yourself more credit, and take yourself more seriously because you are here for a reason.

Thank you WAVY for giving me this opportunity and I will continue to work and prove to you guys why I am the right person for this opportunity!