PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – It is hard to believe I am writing my first blog post already. These last three weeks working on The Hampton Roads Show have flown by. I have learned so much and it’s only the beginning.

My favorite part of the day is floor directing during the filming of the show. It is exciting watching co-hosts Tara and Chris do their thing in person and then seeing it air later on TV. Seeing both of them have fun on the set is inspiring. The way they always know what to say and do to keep the show entertaining seems like it takes a lot of skill. It’s definitely something I would like to try myself one day.

Writing posts for the website has improved my writing skills as well as given me the experience of writing something that is actually published for many people to read. I have only ever written one published work before for a school magazine. I take my time with every post knowing that people are going to be reading what I write. So far, my writings have not needed much correction when they are reviewed and that really helps my confidence as a writer.

Even before starting this internship, I spent countless hours on TikTok in my free time. Now that it is part of my job to post on TikTok for the show, I have an excuse to spend even more time on TikTok without feeling any guilt. I have made two TikToks so far and I have a list of ideas for more. Below are the ones that I have made that have been posted so far:

My mom has recorded every show since I started and she is a big fan now. She loves how Tara mentions mom hacks like thrifting all her baby’s clothes. I have loved everything about this internship so far. Everyone I have met has helped me on my journey to reach my career goals. I have absorbed every ounce of information I possibly can and I can’t wait to gain more new experiences during this internship!