PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — It’s been three weeks since I last wrote a blog post, and let me tell you it has been the best three weeks ever!

I’ve done a TON of standups, met Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, worked long and early hours and went out on location with several reporters and photographers.

Since my last post, I have done seven standups! I’ve slowly been working on my voice, hand gestures and remembering what to say in front of the camera. I have loved every bit of it.

I also got to meet Gov. Glenn Youngkin in Virginia Beach, my hometown, where he donated his second quarter’s salary to a new veterans care facility. It was such a great experience not only to be face-to-face with the governor, but also meet city council officials and other prominent people from Virginia Beach.

I’ve worked with Andy Fox, Hayley Milon, Brett Hall, Lauryn Moss, Photojournalist Cortez Grayson, and more, who have all been more than willing to share their pro tips when it comes to reporting and standups.

One day I even came in at 4 a.m. to shadow Hayley and Photojournalist LaVoy Harrell. It was super early but tons of fun! Later that day, I got to shadow some producers in the control room and even hang out in the studio.

I know there is more I could write about, but these were just SOME of the highlights.

These past three weeks have made me want to chase the dream of becoming a reporter even more. I have felt so much passion recently being here that I am just so grateful I got to experience this with so many amazing people and mentors.

With the two weeks I have left, I definitely plan on making them count!