PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Welcome back to this exciting but crazy adventure; a month has passed as I find new experiences on my journey here at WAVY!

As a digital intern, I have immersed myself into the family created here that WAVY has graciously allowed me to enter. One of the most exhilarating aspects of working at a news station is the adrenaline rush of breaking news.

As an intern, I am privileged to be close to the frontlines of reporting events unfolding in real-time. I shadowed Bob Bennett, a seasoned producer who showed me around during the breaking news hour as he meticulously got everything underway efficiently.

Whether it was an event needing careful attention or a local event, Bob showed me how even the most minor details must be checked effectively. My time at WAVY gave me a sneak peek behind the scenes.

I got to work in the control room, where the magic happens. Here, I witnessed the flow of live broadcasts, ensuring everything was running smoothly, which was challenging to watch. The fast-paced environment taught me the importance of teamwork, quick thinking, and multitasking.

The last thing I got to experience was going out into the field, where I shadowed the gorgeous Raven Payne, who professionally explained the world of interviewing civilians and setting that up. As we rode to our destination and met a victim of an assault video, I realized the work reporters do to find that perfect story.

This internship experience that I have gotten is exciting as this world of journalism is moving and evolving into something extraordinary. This adventure has only fueled my passion for journalism, and I’m eager to continue experiencing more at WAVY. Cheers to a new month of learning more!