PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – As I enter my final few weeks as a WAVY intern, it’s hard to believe how far I’ve come. When I started, I only had experience putting together quick news shots on my phone and laptop. No Adobe, no ENPS, no dedicated camera. I edited video on free windows software. Now, I can’t think of doing things any other way.

One of my favorite things to do is cut videos for VOs or VOSOTs. I’m still far from professional and will often ask what key binds to use, and I still need to be corrected on things, but I know the basics of what I’m doing. For something like Adobe Premiere, I would say that’s pretty good.

I’ve also added a few more articles to my name. The most recent was covering the Dorian Finney-Smith Foundation Black Tie Gala in Norfolk. I tagged along with Craig Loper and Nathan Epstein, and we not only spoke with Finney-Smith, but Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban as well.

Craig Loper and interviews Dorian Finney-Smith with the help of Nathan Epstein

I also got to spend time with Sales, Promotions and the Digital department. To make a long story short, I learned a lot about how those departments help the station run things behind the scenes. Promotions was special because I got to shadow Mike Booth who was a former neighbor of mine when I was a kid. It’s truly crazy how small this world can get.

Aside from that, I notice my scripts getting a little better each week, and I am beginning to understand how to properly stack segments. There’s still a lot left to experience in this home stretch, and I know I’m gonna finish strong.