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I’ve always been told that time flies when you’re having fun and I don’t believe that truer words have ever been spoken. It seems as though it was just yesterday that I was shadowing the other two production interns during the Hampton Roads Show before giving it a try myself. It seems just yesterday that I first found myself in awe of the control room and the news studio and the frenzied pace of the newsroom. Now, just a couple of weeks away from my final day at WAVY-TV 10, I still find myself in awe of the station and the people in it. I’ve experienced some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and have had plenty of adventures that make great stories. I’m excited to see what WAVY has in store for me in my final days here.

I recently had one of my most memorable experiences. On July 10 I was informed that I would join a few of the The Hampton Roads Show crew on a shoot at NASA Langley in Hampton. There we met with Dr. Sheila Thibeault, then an aerospace engineer, who found herself working on the Apollo missions. Notably Apollo 11, the mission that put man on the moon. I was in awe as soon as we walked into the hangar. To think that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked through the very same building I did and probably stood in a spot that I was standing? The thought was almost enough to make me lose my breath.

I also got my first chance at prompting during an entire shift for the evening shows. I was getting increasingly apprehensive the closer it got to four o’clock because, while I’d worked the teleprompter before, it was typically for no longer than an hour and I really didn’t want to mess up the anchors and the show. I had two hiccups, unfortunately, where I forgot to switch the rundowns. Thankfully the anchors are great at what they do and were able to ad-lib until I could find my spot in the show. Aside from that, the night went smoothly and I learned (the hard way) to pay closer attention to the script and directors.

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