PORTSMOUTH, VA. (WAVY) – I’m back with another update on my exhilarating internship at WAVY TV 10. The journey continues, and this time around I’ve delved deeper into floor directing, dabbled in graphic design for the Hampton Roads Show monitors, and even took charge of teleprompter for two full Midday News show.

Floor directing has become second nature to me. Guiding the crew, coordinating the shots, and ensuring everything flows seamlessly is a rush like no other. It’s a role that demands precision, adaptability, and a keen understanding of the broadcast’s rhythm.

A new dimension of my internship unfolded when I had the chance to create and submit graphics for the Hampton Roads Show monitors. This hands-on experience in graphic design has been an eye-opener, allowing me to merge creativity with technical proficiency.

Stepping up to manage the teleprompter for not just one, but two full Midday News shows, was an exhilarating challenge. It’s a role that requires precision timing and the ability to keep pace with the fast-paced nature of live television. Despite all the nerves jumping in my body as I managed the prompter I still finished strong every time. Each day at WAVY 10 brings a fresh set of challenges and opportunities for growth. From refining my floor directing skills to honing my graphic design abilities and teleprompter operations, every task has been a stepping stone in my journey towards becoming a well-rounded media professional.

As my internship at WAVY 10 continues, I’m reminded of the dynamic nature of this industry. The skills I’ve gained, the challenges I’ve overcome, and the connections I’m forging all contribute to a excellent learning experience. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and I’m eager to continue making waves at WAVY 10! Keep riding the waves, my friends!