PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – This past week, I completed my first two stand up/packages from the field, which I edited myself under the critique of my supervisors. It took me a few takes on camera to be comfortable with what I wanted to say while making sure I touched on all of the essential points of the story, but my supervisors helped me to form a mental list of topical subjects which I was able to memorize in order of importance. As I continued to practice my delivery, I became more comfortable and fluent in communicating the information and key facts of the game we were covering.

I think my packages are only going to improve throughout the course of my internship while shadowing Craig, Brian, and Nathan. They have all given me great tips to use, especially in terms of mental preparation for stand ups. I think editing my package and combining highlights with my voice was actually easier for me than reporting. The editing process that my supervisors use for their stories wasn’t too challenging for me to learn, even though it is through Premiere Pro. I usually use Final Cut Pro for my edits, so using the Premiere software wasn’t an absolute strange concept for me to get used to, and I felt more comfortable editing my second package than I did editing my first.

I have realized that my confidence increases every day due to the amount of practice I get here at WAVY TV-10, which I then use in my own projects outside of the station. I believe this is due to my supervisors as well. They critique my approach to journalism in an uplifting way that shows they believe in my potential as a reporter, broadcaster, editor, and producer. I am very appreciative for the opportunity to be able to learn from them and their experiences in different environments.