I’m beginning to feel like I’m getting the hang of things. At this point, I am pretty comfortable with whatever task comes my way. I am becoming more confident in my writing abilities as I continue to write stories, voiceovers, packages, and sample press releases. Having said that, some of the stories I’ve had the opportunity to shadow have continued to surprise me.

I started off this portion of my internship shadowing Cortez and Michelle at a really tragic story. We were welcomed into the home of a woman whose daughter has been missing for 11 years. Her daughter’s investigation is ongoing, and she remains hopeful that she is still alive. Listening to Michelle interview her as she began to cry was a heartbreaking experience.

Interview with the mother of a missing woman

The next story that blew my mind hit very close to home. I noticed smoke in the air as I was leaving school to go to WAVY-TV 10, but didn’t think much of it. When I arrived at work, the newsroom was in a frenzy over the fact that Hampton University was on fire. Because I am a student at Hampton University, I immediately requested to shadow the story. When I returned to the school to meet the rest of the WAVY-TV 10 team, they were being restricted from going on campus. Because I was a student, I was able to go on campus and take pictures and conduct interviews with students and staff in order to gather information for WAVY-TV 10. I ended up sending some of the photos I took to the WAVY work desk, and they were featured on the WAVY-TV website. As a student and intern, I was delighted to be able to assist. I also had the opportunity to perform another stand-up routine at the scene while some of my classmates were walking around. Being an intern and a student in the same area was a unique experience.

Hampton University fire