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A look at me reporting

My dream continues every day at WAVY-TV 10. I get closer to the dream of being a reporter. I continue to get more and more repetitions.

I began my week at the web desk. This was a good look into someone else’s job besides a reporter. I was able to write a story. I was able to watch breaking news from the digital department. It was a lot of fast typing and fact-checking. The web desk is a cool place, and I enjoyed my stay. Bring a reporter, I still will post on the web because it is part of the job, but it was interesting to watch the real professionals.

My first digital story

The next day I spent another day with Kara Dixon, a Multimedia Journalist. This title comes with a lot of roles. She films and edits all of her packages. We talked with Army Corps of Engineer getting details on the beach replenishment. I was able to shoot a stand-up and get some practice. I feel my stand-ups are more natural and easier. I was able to add some motion by walking and talking.

Beach Replenishment Stand-Up

I ended this week at a fundraiser in Virginia Beach. It was cool seeing how the community came together to raise money for the Virginia Beach Tragedy Fund. It rained hard, and people were still running through the rain to support the cause. It is always a treat to watch a story develop in a live truck.

I began my next week with a heavy heart. Hampton had gone through a tough weekend and start of the week. There were two shooting and a missing 2-year-old around the Buckroe area. That area is where I live. I helped Tamara Scott cover the Noah Tomlin case. It was a learning experience. It was a sensitive subject, and seeing how Tamara handled the situation gave me an outlook for my future. I also asked a question to Sgt. R.C. Williams of Hampton Police Department, and I was quite proud of myself. I wrote and shot a package. This just gave me more experience under my belt.

The search for a 2-year-old child

I have jammed packed day, but I was able to take a step back in the middle of this week. I stayed back at the studio to clean up my package. I am always on the go, so it was nice to have a calmer day.

I ended my week going back to Hampton to cover the RESET walk. I was able to see how a story vision quickly changed. We were not able to follow the volunteers, so we lost that video and sound. We had to ask neighbors after they finished how the information handed out helped. Some neighbors did not want to talk, and others spoke a little, but not on camera. There are situations where you cannot get what you want, and you have to learn to rearrange your story and make it work.

The hardest part so far is understanding Avid Media Composer. Avid is a beast in itself. Figuring out how to import, cut, and learning all the buttons have been a challenge.

Challenges come with a complicated field. I am proud of the little things I have learned, and my drive is not going away. With all these new tools, I can build up my resume. We are hitting the middle of the internship, and I am going on strong. I have a lot more learning to do, but I am excited to flood my brain with new material.

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