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Tears of joy surround my heart as my time as an intern at Wavy comes to end. Everything has been perfect since I stepped in the station and received my badge. From the beep of my badge at the front gate to hope I arrived early enough to get a decent parking spot to coming up with a non corny statement for my standup. WAVY has made me a well rounded journalist.

Every interaction I had inside and outside of the news station has helped me through my 5 month internship. In my time here I have learned some other the best B-roll angles from Kara Dixon, some key punchlines from Aesia Tolliver, get in and get put tactics by Laura Caso, and how to talk on the phone to some wild callers on the assignment by twisty. 

When I first arrived at WAVY I was so sure I wanted to be a news reporter, there was nothing I wanted to do more than that. WIthin my time shadowing the amazing Hampton Roads Show and watching the Symone Davis I learned that I wanted to be in the entertainment television industry. For my exit project I used all the knowledge I gain from my experiences and hosted Hampton Roads Show with my co-host Jada Adams. 

The feeling I had going into this exit project was a feeling I had never felt before. It was more of a wow this is real, I have one shot and this could rally show me my future in Television. At first I was nervous, but as my emotions set in it all started to flow from there for me. When it was ll said and done I was quite impressed with myself. For my first time it was a great experinece, wasn’t the best but acceptable. Hearing reviews from individuals who have been in this industry and this line of work was a blessing in disguise. I am a veryhard critique on myself, which prepares me for critiques of higher ups. When I received my review from Bob Bennett, he looked me ddirectly in my eyes and said ” Ashton this just migh be your niche. I can’t wait to see what else you can do.” That really opened my heart and mind to dreams of being a TV great such as Steve Harvey or Michael Strahan. 

I am very greatful for my time and sace at WAVY10, understanding every good thing comes to an end in some way. I say my farewells, for it can not be goodbye becuase I plan on making an appearance in some fascet with WAVY again. Until next time, in Norfolk, I’m Ashton Robinson, 10 on your side.

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