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Starting off , I was a little worried I was going to be behind everyone since I missed orientation. When I got to WAVY, I was determined to succeed and I quickly picked up where the other interns were after a few days in the newsroom. I started off at the assignment desk and then quickly made my way to the control room with the producers.

I felt a little overwhelmed in the control room with all the spreadsheets and fast paced time blocks happening, but I kept up as much as possible with writing a list of questions I needed answers to after the shows were over. I loved how hands on the control room was since I am a very hands on learner. My face immediately lit up after walking out of the control room and into the studio. The idea of being on camera has always excited me so seeing TV production first hand really got me excited to watch what was to come.

After a few days, I went out with reporter Kara Dixon to the Virginia Beach Memorial to honor the 12 lives lost over the weekend. I conducted my first stand up at the memorial after we interviewed a few of the local people that came to pay their respects. Coming into this internship with this happening the very first week on the job was 100% heartbreaking but also taught me how important our job is to be empathetic and accurate with our information. The whole office was in disbelief and devastated to have to report such heartbreaking news.

The next day I spent my time in the editing room learning how to edit video before it goes on air. The editing process is something I have always enjoyed, I even learned how to use a new software I had never heard of before. The editing process is so important and learning from our experts in the station really helped my editing knowledge and enhanced my interest in the overall process. I edited about 15 stories that day which I got approved from someone on staff.

Moving onto the weekend, I helped out at The Harbor Festival which was hosted at the Waterside District in Norfolk, Va. I assisted the promotions team along with being featured on The Hampton Roads Show (don’t worry, my whole family was watching). Even being on TV for 20 seconds got me so excited to consistently be in front of the camera one day.

Still trying to recover and respectfully move onto other news at the station, I went on my second story with reporter Marielena Balouris to discuss what happened to a woman’s car sometime between Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Her pride sticker was covered up with a homophobic sticker, only her car out of all the cars in the parking lot I may add. Listening to her story and giving her a chance to share this information and tell the viewers what they can do to help was really rewarding to be apart of. Her approach was very optimistic and informative. Below I conducted my second stand up about the situation.

After returning to the station, I wrote my first web story about the situation.

Today, June 12, I spent the whole day with our investigative reporters, it was one of the most exciting days I have had at the office so far. We went to court to get information on a few cases and even got a few leads while I was working. I had the chance to make phone calls to different people that were involved after doing investigative research on the case, I loved it (googling people is already a talent of mine).

Going forward, I am very optimistic that I have found a love in investigative reporting/anchoring and cannot wait to see where this journey takes me. I hope WAVY is ready for my loud Greek family to become their #1 viewers as I keep showing them more and more clips I take part in.

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