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I’m in the swing of things now after my second and third weeks at WAVY-TV. I got more chances to leave the station to report from the field, learned a valuable lesson from a mistake, and was fortunate enough to meet some of the friendly people who work at WAVY outside of the sports department while volunteering at Harborfest.

Last Sunday was a busy but fantastic day. I started my day by meeting Nathan Epstein at the Old Dominion football fields to get footage of the camp that was taking place, and ended up with the rare opportunity to sit in on an interview with Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh.

I’m not a Michigan fan, but it was fun to meet a celebrity and good to learn how to conduct myself when meeting one in a professional setting. A big part of working in television is rolling with the punches – we couldn’t do the interview outside, so we made the best with what we had and placed Coach Harbaugh in front of a poster of the ODU football team instead.

After the camp, we drove out to Virginia Beach to film the final of the North American Sand Soccer Championships. I practiced working the camera and learned how to adjust the settings when filming on a bright day.

The most valuable insight I gained in the last few weeks was to double-check everything. I was asked what time coverage of a soccer match began, to which I replied, “I think at 10 a.m.” Bruce Rader then gave me a piece of advice that will stick with me: There’s no thinking in TV. You have to be sure.

He told me of a time when he was an intern and he gave an anchor the wrong information. The anchor then repeated it on television, and he was not happy when people called in to correct him. From that day, Mr. Rader double-checked every piece of information before saying it on the air. Thankfully, I ended up being right about the time, but I’ll be sure to check all my facts in the future, even the ones I think I know for sure.

I contributed more in the newsroom as well. I wrote the script for a VO that Bruce Rader read on the air, and I wrote an article on the FIFA World Cup that got published on It was very rewarding to see my work appear both on the screen and on the web, and I hope to produce more content in the near future.

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