Intern Blog: Who Knew Producing Might be the Career For Me?

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Before I started my internship at Wavy, I knew that I wanted to be an anchor or reporter. I loved being on camera, interviewing people and pitching story ideas. After attending the first pitch meeting, I got to shadow a producer and help write the midday show. I was instantly hooked in the behind-the-scenes action and wanted to learn more. The next day I came in at five in the morning and I have never been more excited to go to work in my entire life. I sit down and I start writing stories, learning the do’s-and-don’ts of broadcast writing and how to tease stories.

I have to give so much credit to producers. The amount of long hours they put in to make sure the newscast runs smoothly and efficiently is insane. I do not think people realize the amount of effort they put in behind scenes that goes unnoticed. I have gained a whole new appreciation and understanding for producers and directors.

I’ve been working primarily with the midday news producers, Karyn and Becka. Who have been a tremendous help in giving me tips and advice that I have never heard in school. I’ve been coming in with them around five or six in the morning for the newscast that does not air until 12 in the afternoon. The work is so constant for six hours that they rarely have time to go to the restroom, let alone eat breakfast. I admire all the work they do when they get little to no credit. I really enjoyed segment producing for a live episode of The Hampton Roads Show. I loved the pressure and the crazy atmosphere of making sure everything hits the time mark. It is so intriguing to watch a show after it has been shot to realize how amazing it looks on screen, no matter what happens behind scenes.

I also was able to dig a little into investigated producing. Going to court to read search warrants and find more information on other newsworthy cases, was super interesting to me. I loved being nosey and being able to bring possible news stories back is an amazing feeling. The feeling of accomplishment is like no other in the newsroom. Being pressed on time, the fear of not being factual and offending someone is always in the back of your mind, so when I am able to help in any way I can, I am overcome with joy.

I am so fortunate to have this opportunity at Wavy because it has really opened doors for  me to experience every field related to media and communications. From sales to entertainment news to digital writing, the opportunities are endless here. I would have NEVER guessed that I would be interested in producing and if it wasn’t for Wavy, I would have never known.

So once again, thank you Wavy for the opportunity of a lifetime.

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