Intern Gabriel Barone Composing a Shot

It has been a long summer. I began my internship back in May and it is now almost September. Looking back, I have several great memories that I will not soon forget.

Wednesday the 31st I got the opportunity to shoot some B-roll for the All In One Auto commercial. Although it was scorching hot, it was a freeing and empowering experience to set up quality shots and record many clips. I enjoyed framing the business signs uniquely. I even managed to get two signs and a nice place to add graphics all in one shot. Camerawork is highly competitive, so the more practice I get the better. After shooting the footage, I returned to the station and sorted it. It was much easier to sort than what I usually shoot on my own because I had only recorded what I thought were decent shots. The expression “fix it in post” may be easy for a cinematographer or director to say, but all editors know that life is better when the footage is shot well.

When life gives you an internship, you learn and grow as much as possible. Some of the highlights of my internship have been:

  • Going out to shoot footage for clients with Cory and Lisa.
  • Eating lunch while editing my final project.
  • Trying to achieve the correct speed to accuracy ratio.
  • Getting a snow cone with Kara.
  • Delving deep into what a day of quality television takes.

Exiting my interview, I received some advice that will benefit me. Almost everyone has access to a camera and some type of editing software. The competition is fierce in a market that is relying less on technical skill, with easier to use software constantly available, and more on networking and mastery of television. In order to succeed, I need to watch more films and television and absorb the editing technique and stylistic choices. Additionally, with the availability of information a click away it is important to use free time to watch tutorials on the latest software and techniques. I personally plan to develop my graphic design skills as all media produced is expected to have stunning graphics that captivate and excite viewers. I still have a fair amount of practice and learning ahead as do many of my colleagues if we are to become dependable professionals in the digital age of now.

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