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Everyone knows the cliche, “time flies when you’re having fun,” but it really is true. My last two weeks have flown by here at Wavy. In the past two weeks I have shadowed a news director, shadowed an account executive in sales, and there were puppies on the Hampton Roads Show! 

I was so impressed when I shadowed the director for the 4 o’clock news. First, she only had an hour to code the shots before the show started. One hour!! I was memorized by how fast her hands worked as she plugged in the codes in the appropriate places. As she explained to me what each code meant, her hands moved diligently over the keyboard. She said that after while it becomes muscle memory. Then, we raced into the control room before the show started. It was amazing to see all of her hard work in the run down come to life during the show. 

Then, last week we had the opportunity to shadow the sales department. We went to the sales meeting at 8:30 and listened to all of their goals and accomplishments. Then, we met with Barbara and Wesley who went over the research that was involved in sales. I tried to keep up and take as many notes as possible. I never realized how much research actually went into it and that there was software created that they utilized for their clients. And, I never knew that there could be duo teams like Barbara and Wesley. They worked so well together, they were finishing each others sentences. And lastly, we actually got to sit down with the sales reps to watch them live in action. I sat with Phil Ryan and watched as he made calls to his clients to follow up and make meetings. As I was sitting there I thought to myself, I might actually be interested in doing this for a career. 

That is why this internship has been such a great experience because it has opened up so many different opportunities. I never thought I would be interested in sales until I actually had the chance to sit down with a sales rep. 

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