Intern Blog: Stepping in and Setting Up

Ren-Nessa Maulseed

My first week as an intern has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life.  Surprisingly, being in a bigger market and an even bigger city than I am accustomed to did not make me nervous at all. Instead, I was anxious to begin my first night.

It all started with the grand tour of the studios and control rooms facilitated by Reba Bloom, a director here at WAVY.  She took me to each room and briefly stated the uses. One the most interesting aspects that I noted was the fact that the audio board, though it has its own room, is remotely operated. Technology never ceases to amaze me.

I felt like a kid in a candy store.  For so many years I wondered what it would be like to be standing in an actual control room with all the monitors in front of me, waiting for me to put a show together. In my first night, I experienced that and more.  

I had the opportunity to watch while Jeron Marrow set up the studio; from turning on the lights, to positioning the cameras, to the riveting action. Lights, camera, action!  Watching live television is quite different from watching the show being produced. There is so much more that goes into the process than a camera and a script. The script has to be correctly transcribed on the teleprompter, the anchors have to be ready, camera angles have to be just right and every segment’s timing has to be perfect.

During orientation, we (the interns) were introduced to the robotic cameras, but it was not until show time that I actually saw them in action. I was amazed that they could find the perfect shot just by following a previously coded message. After observing for two days, on my third day I was sitting in the chair operating a robotic camera, something I never even thought of doing.

With just one week of my internship completed, I am honored to have been chosen to experience the television production field here at WAVY. I am even more excited for everything else in store.

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