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Day 1; Intern, first lesson: Coffee is a friend to all and if you bring the coffee, you bring the friendship.

As a sales intern on the sales production team, I have thus far mainly focused on editing. The sales team primarily uses Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects during post-production.  Watching the editing process, I realized that hundreds of adjustments are made to each detail, readjusting and rewatching until a first draft is done. A 15-second spot can take four or more hours to edit depending on the details and challenges involved. Different advertisements can be made for the same business with the same footage and slight adjustments. These small changes can result in a chain of small changes that must be made. The same is true of production of commercials that are recorded in-studio: many slightly different versions are created. 

During the creation process, the pressure is on to not only create a quality commercial but also to do it in as little time as possible. This can be exciting and motivating; testing to see what we can do with the limited time and resources we possess. Sometimes it can be frustrating; importing footage and beginning work, only to be met with one or more error messages that grind progress to a halt. In these somewhat common situations where bugs are found in the software, it is up to the editor to find a workaround. Here at Wavy-TV, Cory Caplan is the man with the workaround plan. Just the other day while editing a project, we faced a bug where after about a minute of editing, the preview and source would only show red. Cory faced the challenge and in less than half an hour had the edit back up and working. 

There are other sales staff who also work around daily challenges to keep things moving. Lisa Greene organizes the people and resources necessary to shoot commercials for clients who need content to air. She makes sure that there are no details of the process that have been forgotten. More than that she is constantly communicating with clients and co-workers so that there are no miscommunications or misinterpretations.

As an intern at Wavy-TV 10, I expect to encounter many adventures in my future. 

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