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Intern Blog– The purpose of having an internship is to learn, get out of a classroom, and to gain some real world experience. This real world experience means taking the good days with the bad, and turning them all into lessons. I had an experience in these past few weeks sense my last blog that was a hard lesson to learn, but one I will never forget.

This story starts on a Monday night when I was at my neighborhood nail salon getting my signature pink put back on my toes. I exchange pleasantries with the woman sitting next to me and then she begins to tell the nail technician about an issue she had with her bank. She went into detail about what tha bank said had happened, how $500 was skimmed from her account, and how she was thinking about filing a police report. The journalist in me wanted to ask more questions, I wanted to get her name and phone number to possibly follow up, I knew what to do but I just couldn’t push myself to say the words. “Hi my name is Katie and I’m an intern with WAVY News would you mind telling me more. Can I get your contact information to see if someone would like to follow up with you?” This is something I know how to do, that I can do, but for some reason I didn’t.

Fast forward to the morning pitch meeting where the stories for the day are discussed and an email about a skimming issue at local ABNB credit unions, a story worth following but with no contacts. This is a story I knew about before the email, a contact that I could have had, and a pitch I could have made when they asked if the interns had any stories. Sitting in the meeting listening to reporters figure out how to find people to talk to for this story was a hard pill to swallow.

Lessons learned: news can come from anywhere,don’t be afraid to speak up, and that I will always be in control of achieving the outcome I want. I could have talked to this woman, pitched the story, and had a contact to follow up with if I just pushed my comfort zone and spoke up.

My learning experiences at WAVY continue and I’m posting more, finding my own story ideas for and, plus generating content daily. So I am learning a lot and getting the opportunity to do more than I imagined as a WAVY intern. I will take this lesson with me moving forward and know that next time I need to speak up when I hear something news worthy while getting my toes painted pink.

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