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On The Hampton Roads Show today, our guests “Walking By Faith,” who are affiliates of my church in Virginia Beach used the phrase, “It takes a village.” This adage is typically used in conjunction with how a child is raised. The saying, to summarize, is informing the listener that there are multiple influences that go into how a child matures as a result of a social and environmental stimuli. In the case I am referring to, this village is called WAVY-TV10 and The Hampton Roads Show is a child under its umbrella. Since my last blog post two weeks ago, my experiences at WAVY, working on The Hampton Roads Show has only improved. I was given the opportunity to work alongside other interns when I was asked to participate in field producing The Hampton Road’s Show Facebook Live Harborfest event. Field producing at Harborfest gave me and the other interns a whole new appreciation for the work that Stephanie, James, Susan, Chris, Kerri, and Symone do at the station while having an absolute blast!

Here is a photo of my fellow interns at Harborfest.

Our jobs, as interns, were to essentially make sure guests were at their assigned location at a specific time. I watched Stephanie do the vast majority of the field work and knew it was an extremely difficult job. If the interns were not there, she and Susan would have had to bare the sole responsibility of making sure the show went off without a hitch, and I do not know how anyone could have managed to do that under all of that pressure. Every intern in the village played a valuable role in “raising” and contributing to the success of the Facebook Live stream.

After working the Harborfest event, every facet of how the studio is operated, even the seemingly banal tasks, are now examined with my most critical eye. I was able to sit in the control room with Susan, Craig, and Kyle after running  the floor operations for the past few weeks. Keeping time, doing the mental math required to keep that time, and making phone calls within the control room during interviews to make sure everything is copacetic, are among a few of their responsibilities that they must bear. However, hosts Chris Reckling, Kerri Furey, and Stephanie Cooke do not get off easily as they rely on what goes on in the control room for cues. Anything that goes wrong in the control room can make the faces of The Hampton Roads Show look sloppy.

Even though working for WAVY is a high stress environment, everyone I have encountered, or have the pleasure of working with have been extremely easy going and laid back. Even though it has been crazy at times, we all make sure we appreciate the luxuries that come with working at a news station like free food from chef’s in the area, interesting personalities like comedians, live music Friday’s, and a llama.

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