Intern Blog: I Don’t Want This To End

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8 days…that’s it. 8 days until my dream internship is over. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for every single person at Wavy.

One major life lesson I’ll take with me is, the way you treat others will get you farther than any skill you have. It’s sounds like common sense, I know…but the newsroom is a completely different atmosphere than any workforce I’ve ever been in. Everything you do, is to help the “team”. A whole new station is one HUGE team. If we didn’t have a sales department, Wavy wouldn’t exist. If there wasn’t producers, reporters, anchors, a promotions department, etc…the station wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

Each department has its own contribution to the station and it’s so interesting to see how it all comes together. One person, one event, one experience could change your life. Taking advantage of all the opportunities given to you and not being scared to go after it, is what makes the difference. The media world seems massive, but everyone has connections and the littlest mistake/wrongdoing can affect MANY future jobs. One producer could work at Wavy, but have connections from New York to Texas to North Dakota. They could be your connection to your future career or to not getting a job at all.

All the interns did a lunch and learn session with a few anchors and reporters. The fact that they took two hours out of their day to come in early and give us life long advice is something I will never forget. I seriously thought my hand was going to fall off trying to write every word that came out of their mouth.

One topic they talked about is the income/salary of the business. Let’s just say–the income isn’t what a normal person thinks it is. Living meal-to-meal and paycheck-to-paycheck is how I will be spending my first few years out of college and I am totally okay with that.

This quote from Laura Caso says it all, “If you love it enough, it’ll pay off.”

And that’s just it…I have LOVED every single day at Wavy. Not a day has gone by where I was bored or felt like I didn’t belong. I don’t even consider the pay a problem because loving what I do and my happiness is my main priority.

I’m so sad this internship will be over soon–but I hope that one day I will return to Wavy as a full-time producer and be able to work with all of these amazing people again.

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