Premiere Party Prep

The past half month was filled with opportunities to learn and grow in the field of television. The intern Lunch and Learn provided practical next steps based on the experience of seasoned news professionals. We were reminded to connect on LinkedIn with those we got to know at the station. Stephanie provided resume advice that was not only practical now but would serve us for years to come. She presented a strong case for the use of a personal cumulative resume that would act as a record of everything notable each of us has done professionally. This record could then be pulled from to build the best resume for each position we apply for in the future. She also pointed out that putting a film reel on YouTube and sending potential employers the link is like advertising for your competition due to the recommended videos after yours plays. The interns learned that our first job will most likely pay just enough for us to afford to pay the bills and eat the diet of a poor college student. With experience comes better pay, so we must watch everything we do as interns and employees to advance in an industry that requires thick skin and stellar social/organizational skills. 

The Sales Department is what keep the station running in terms of paying the bills. Sales jobs are commission only but have no cap. Hard workers can really grow in this career.  I learned that the real reason Account Executives drive nice cars is not to flaunt their high incomes, but rather because they are on the road driving to meet clients most days. I met Earlisha during an intern meeting introducing us to the sales staff. After the meeting, we both drove to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront for a sales meeting with a client in the realty business. The meeting was pleasant and personal, with all the necessary discussions about reaching potential customers. 

A major way the station secures advertisers is with the Premiere Party. While watching a run through of the media content for the party at the Slover Library, we found a few small issues that we worked as a team to resolve. It was nice to see that some of the footage that I had helped sort had been used in the video.

Later the same day, I got to learn a little more about what goes into creating graphics for news and advertisements. Rob Coble is not only extremely skilled in After Effects but has also put together some award-winning animations in Cinema 4D. His experience also extends into professional photography. He recommended a lens for me to use with my DSLR and gave me some tips on wedding photography. Rob’s workflow starts in Photoshop for most projects. The PSD is then imported as a composition and edited from there. This approach seems to be fast and clean. I will be sure to try it out soon!

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