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The news world is one of familiarity. Growing up with a photojournalist father made the news and a police scanner the soundtrack of my childhood. My dad chased storms, flew out the door for breaking news, and was front row to some heart-wrenching situations. This was the normal I witnessed growing up, and I wanted nothing to do with it in my professional life.

I grew up wanting to be a doctor, work in pediatric care, have the opportunity to save lives. By the time college applications came around, I had developed a major fear of blood and the idea of math and science made me queasy.  I chose to lean into my legacy and I found the love I was trying to avoid my whole life.

I did not want to go into journalism because it’s my dad’s profession and I felt like I needed to create my own path. My stubbornness for not wanting to do what my dad does almost kept me away from what I enjoy the most in life, being a storyteller.

This summer I have stepped into my first role in the journalism world at WAVY 10. In this role, I am creating my own path, discovering my worth, and training to be exactly what I want to be.

So far I have had the opportunity to step into every single role that peaks my interest, and it’s only been two weeks. I spend my days at the digital desk, writing and sharing the news that comes in, spreading it in a way that reaches the public immediately wherever they are. Sitting in a role that gives me the opportunity to have a byline on and constantly be producing content for my portfolio.

I also had the opportunity to go out into the field and report, shoot my first stand up, and begin collecting material for my reel. As someone whose studies have been focused on multimedia journalism, this moment was one that I had been looking forward to. Then the absolute highlight of my first two weeks came along.

In present day whenever I am asked what I want to do after college my go-to answer is, “I want to produce news. I want to be the person who weeds through story after story with an understanding of which ones need to be shared.” I was given the amazing opportunity to shadow the producer of the midday news. This shadowing experience pulled on a ton of my previous classroom knowledge that I was able to put into practice. I wasn’t just sitting quietly looking over a shoulder. I was given the opportunity to stack and write parts of the show. To sit in the control room during the news and time out the show. To watch front and center what it actually means to be a producer, and I loved every moment of it.

The opportunity I was given for hands on experience producing is reciprocated in every department I’ve stepped into at WAVY. I am being given the opportunity to use and refine the skills I have, as well as learn new ones a long the way. I am not only discovering, but also proving to myself, the worth I have outside of a classroom.

These first few weeks have only brought on the want for more; that is my wish as I begin to work in the journalism field, that I will always be wanting more.

As the summer continues I see this as the time to create my path. To take my studies, paired with the legacy my dad leaves for me, and figure out who I am in this world.

I am ready to take everything I have worked for up to this point and start creating my own legacy to leave.

You can follow my internship adventures on Twitter @kdillow19

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