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Being a Hampton Roads local I am overly familiar with the Berkley Bridge and the chaos it seems to cause. A few years ago during one of my many travels over the bridge my little sister was in the backseat. In her five year life span she too had become familiar with the bridge, but for some reason this particular crossing stood out to her. As I cross the bridge and my tires hit the grate she pipes up with the wonder and imagination only a child could have. Shouting out an excited drawn out “wow” she continued, “we are so lucky, we always cross the bridge when the boats are honking.” I was extremely confused for a moment before realizing what she was actually hearing. For years this little girl in my backseat thought that the sound of car tires crossing the bridge grate was a giant ship that would always blow its horn just for her.

Interning at WAVY, I now have the pleasure of crossing the Berkley Bridge daily. Every morning on my commute that familiar sound brings a smile to face. This one experience with my sister has made a normal everyday task something special. This is exactly what my time at WAVY has turned into, something special that brings a smile to my face.

Before starting my internship at WAVY I was familiar with the digital news world. I have credits in classes that specifically cater to digital journalism, I have been taught how to code, and Elon stresses the need for a Multimedia Journalist to know it all. This means I have come from a classroom and assignments where, from my point of view, it seemed I was consumed by digital.

Having the chance to move more into my digital role at WAVY I am beginning to see all the elements of this world that I have zero understanding for. As I start to turn stories daily I see the chaos and the need to write correctly, accurately, and quickly to have a successful digital news platform. In the real world in most cases you do not have the time to walk away from an assignment and come back to get it perfect. You need to do it right as quickly as possible. Honing my writing and digital production skills is something I have already had the opportunity to do at the digital desk. Im turning stories quicker, learning certain lingo to use when writing, and most importantly to attribute, attribute, attribute. 

Outside of the digital desk I have had the opportunity to exercise other parts of my education. This past semester I completed by far my favorite class of my college career, Television Production. During this class I was given the opportunity to produce a show from start to finish. In doing so I wrote segments, stacked my show, and worked with my crew to hit my 30 minute mark. I had two weeks and 15 people to go through this process with, giving me the time and resources to make sure I was overly prepared. Here at WAVY all of those skills have helped me understand how producing works but my two week prep time was fairy tale compared to reality.

All the interns had the opportunity to field produce The Hampton Roads Show with Stephanie Cooke out at Harbour Fest. Having a front row seat to observe all that Stephanie and her team were able to accomplish, and understanding that they do this everyday, kind of blew me away. Being out in the field first hand showed me there is so much to learn from experience. 

WAVY is giving me the opportunity to build up my own experiences and be taught by professionals along the way. I also have the opportunity to learn from those with an amazing amount of experience.

Just like how my sister’s wonder and imagination for the Berkley Bridge has since translated into joy during my daily commute, I now get joy from  immersing myself at WAVY. Being surrounded by experienced professionals and having the opportunity to do what I love has created a new excitement for what my future holds. I look forward to continuing my summer at WAVY and finding out what other wonders the world of journalism holds. 

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