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As part of my degree at Regent University, I am required to fulfill an internship credit. I understood the significance of this as a learning experience off-campus with intention of a foundation to our anticipated career field not only for the sake of graduation but in perspective of my future. My entire spring break surrounded by excruciating hours of polishing cover letters and my résumé repeatedly sent out. I learned that the waiting process is brutal and increases anxiety.

Originally, I was not offered this internship; I have applied to several at the time with no avail, I have completed journalism courses and what some would call a portfolio with Odyssey (a national online newspaper) under my belt alongside attending Regent University which is less than twenty miles away from the station. I am self-driven with my ambition otherwise I would not have taken this rejection so lightly. I did not want to take no for an answer without clarity.

In route, I simply emailed the coordinator asking specifically why I was not selected but not in a “You made a huge mistake” kind of way. She found it quite commendable and felt more impressed by my response to NOT getting the internship than my application. At this point, I want a second chance for this summer. I had everything else, regarding accommodations and paperwork for academic credit, ready waiting to hear back because I felt destined.

My application was on hold meaning that I would be considered if anyone declines the offer. I was given a second chance at a first impression, you better believe that I gave it everything and nothing less sending over numerous projects and links from my previous courses showcasing my abilities. This life is not promised without trials and tribulations but you never lose from getting knocked down. You lose by staying down.

Out of the almost 70 applicants for the summer, about 25-30 get a phone call/interview with sixteen selected for the final cut. I am not a stranger to the application process but the acceptance part is new to me but refreshing. Opportunities like this usually do not happen for people like me but nobody ever gets what they want from without hard work which absolutely pays off. 

It has only been two weeks of me being a Newsroom Intern but I have already been exposed to so much. My partner, Morgan Lowers, and I are already making moves that are getting aired so I look foward to the endeavors ahead. This is my time & I choose to shine.

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