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Here we are, at Intern Blog #1. Welcome!

To be as least dramatic as possible, my first day interning was terrifying. 

Everyone seemed to walk in slow motion with their hair billowing in the wind. If that wasn’t intimidating enough, everyone here is smart. Wittingly smart. And I was slotted to be a digital intern. Which meant computers, software and more computers… not my “claim to fame” expertise by any means. 

Horrors of coding and decoding different websites haunted my dreams the following weeks. I honestly thought I was going to have to purchase a one-way ticket to Silicon Valley in order to survive.

However, notice I said it haunted my dreams, not nightmares. As in, yes I was panicking, but regardless, I knew I would be in the right place this summer. 

During orientation, I aggressively took notes on anything regarding digital media. Everything from what programs were used, to logging into different accounts. There was nothing too small that I couldn’t mess up; I’m talented in that aspect I suppose.

 So, I did what any other completely technology un-savvy intern would do; open a tab to YouTube.
 Where I learned that I was, indeed, being dramatic. 

After my first two weeks here, I can confidently say there is nothing that scares me too much. Under the wings of spunky Jane Alvarez-Wertz and the all too comical Taylor O’ Brier, I am now at home behind a computer screen.

However, the biggest surprise by far was the genuine interest of directors Mark Hurtz and Typhanny Wiggins. Although this is my first experience working in a station, I can already see that this is a rare example. Not all directors will be so invested in or connected with their interns. With an open door policy and honesty, communication is truly seamless. Without their encouragement, I doubt I would be pursuing on-air broadcasting so vigorously. 

The highlight of this internship thus far has to be working the morning shift with the talented Kiahnna Patterson and beyond inspirational LV. I was able to film my first “stand up” with them and they made me feel so comfortable making mistakes. That morning, they had literally taught me everything I knew. On top of it all, Kiahnna was a dream to work with at 2 a.m… must be an Old Dominion thing! 

My family loves to laugh at me because I come home singing everyday that it was the best day of my life, even if I said that the day before. But, it’s never a lie. I am learning more and meeting new people every minute. There is no place I would rather be at any given moment! 

I am looking forward to picking up new responsibilities throughout the newsroom, with an emphasis on reporting. Within the weeks to come, I will hopefully have a few more field trips under my belt! 

If you would like to check out any of my work so far, feel free to check out my website here!


Madison Pearman

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