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I have always known I wanted to work in the TV industry but never knew what exactly I wanted to do when I got there. These past couple of weeks have been all about new experiences. I have spent time in the field, helping direct, and helping produce during The Hampton Roads Show. I even switched departments for a day!

How much I enjoyed helping direct in the control room took me by surprise. It wasn’t something I ever considered before. I didn’t realize how much went into directing before the show even started and I have never heard of coding for TV. In my college’s control room we have to do everything during our newscast on the switcher. So that may have been what scared me away from directing. However, Kyle Bloom, The Hampton Roads Show director, has taught me everything I need to know about directing. He even let me direct a couple parts of the show. It may seem like just pressing a couple of buttons but he explained that with a lifestyle show, where the hosts go off script, you can’t always rely on the coded shots. I noticed that he has to hand punch frequently during the show. During my time shadowing I found there is something so fulfilling about making a shot go on air at the exact time it needs to be. 

Producing is something I have considered so being in the producers seat during the show was sort of a big moment. I spent time producing for more than half of the show for two days, which was very unexpected but exciting! It was nerve-wracking making sure each segment was on time and telling the hosts to hurry up when they went over the time limit. Producing is another thing I have never done so it was a great learning experience. I learned what I could do and what I need to improve on. Watching the show’s producer, Susan DeShazo, made me realized I need to work on my producing voice. She taught me that it’s important to be loud and repeat what you’re saying incase the hosts don’t hear you for some reason. I loved being in the control room. Mostly because learning new things is so rewarding! 

I can’t go on without mentioning the HaborFest show. During this live show, there was so much going on but I loved every minute of it! We had many interesting guests from pirates to Junkanoo musicians to comedian Chris Redd from SNL! I was one of the interns helping with the comedian segment, making sure Chris Redd was were he needed to be, at the right time. For the rest of the show, I got to watch executive producer, Stephanie Cooke, field produce for the day. Even with it being loud, people everywhere, and a bunch of guests, the show seemed to happen with no problems. It amazes me what everyone with The Hampton Roads Show can pull off. 

More recently, I left THRS for a couple hours to learn from the Digital Department. They showed me how they keep the HR Scene and WAVY-TV websites up to date. It was interesting to see how they get the stories, how quickly they have to react, and how frequently they have to update the same story. This just goes to show that every department is happy to help and teach us what they can while we’re here. 

Who knew you could learn about all these different positions in just 8 days of work? 

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