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In the past two weeks, I started shadowing the news department. To say I learned a lot is an understatement. Not only did I learn about news production but I learned just how much goes into it and how news literally never sleeps. 

I thought it would be interesting to shadow the AM crew and being the night owl that I am, I thought it would a breeze being up all night. Well, I was wrong! I got to the station around 1:30 A.M. to work with LaVoy (photographer) and Kiahnna (reporter). As soon as I got to the newsroom, Kiahnna was already calling all the dispatchers to get information on anything happening in the Hampton Roads area. It was a slow night. Every dispatcher she called had nothing to report. So, she went over the budget with me and showed me how she gets her script together for the news at 4 A.M. Then, I shadowed the AM producers. They explained how they put the rundown together and I even got to write some headlines for the Alexa app! Getting hands on experience is always exciting! 

When 3 rolled around, I was off with LaVoy and Kiahnna to the Virginia Beach Courthouse so she could report on the story about a man who killed his ex-girlfriend with cyanide and is currently on trial. However, rain and lighting seemed to start as soon as we got there. She couldn’t report at 4 so we kept waiting and waiting but the lighting wasn’t going away. This is when I felt like I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I wasn’t used to those hours so I was shutting down. Around 6, LaVoy got a call saying we could come back because the storm didn’t look like it was going away. Safety first! Although, I didn’t get to see any field reporting it was still a good experience. In that time waiting, they both gave me some great advice about this industry that I’ll never forget! 

We got back to the station, I went and shadowed the producer for the news at 7 from the control room, and realized I still had to floor direct The Hampton Roads Show. Something you really need to be awake and ready for, especially on a Friday. I was doubting I could get through it successfully with how tired I was. But of course, it was a fun show as always and gave me all the energy I needed! It might have been one of my favorite shows so I was glad I made it through! Comedian, DeRay Davis was there along with the band Romanta and they were so good! More recently, I shadowed the assignment desk. To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure what people at the assignment desk did. So it was crazy seeing all the different tabs open on the computer so they could keep up with all the news and add it to the budget. Working the assignment desk is really nonstop. 

It has been a very busy and eventful two weeks but the summer is short and I want to learn as much as I can while I’m here!

Did I mention I got to meet country singer, Canaan Smith while shadowing Symone Davis at the 31st Concert Series in Virginia Beach? 

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