Intern Blog: A Little Shaky


This past Wednesday I got to go on the most exciting and interesting shoot so far. I went with Symone to shoot at Fort Monroe for “Discovering Hampton Roads in 60 Seconds.” We got to the opportunity to film for the segment while riding on segways around the fort. When I heard we would be riding segways I was a little nervous. I had never ridden one and thought how will I possibly be able to help film by holding a camera and being riding on a segway without falling off?

Luckily, the problem was fixed with a GoPro. I have always been interested in learning to use a GoPro but have never gotten the opportunity. It was so convenient because the GoPro had an attachment that was able to be wrapped around the handle of my segway so I didn’t even have to hold it while riding.

Learning how to use the GoPro was much easier than learning how to ride on the segway. When I first stepped on the segway I was a little shaky, and overthinking how my body should be standing so I didn’t fall backwards. The girl holding the segway told me not to overthink it, and to let my body just lean and the segway will move. After riding around in the driveway for five minutes, I felt much more comfortable on the segway and was ready to tour around Fort Monroe.I rode behind Symone and got some great shots of her riding by on the segway, riding through tunnels and across bridges, and some 360 scenery shots of the beach and buildings.

Once we got back to the station, it was time to shoot Symone’s “What’s Happening” segment that airs on FOX. She films it in the newsroom. After Symone’s take, I was going to have the chance to read through the script in the newsroom as well. I was so excited for the opportunity to get footage of myself practicing in the newsroom.

Just like riding the segway, I was a little nervous at first. As I started reading the script, my voice was a little shaky, but I tried to keep my composure and read confidently. It is important to keep high energy when reading the script which was my main focus when reading through. It helped that I read through the script A LOT before going into the newsroom.

After I finished reading, I felt such a rush. I read with only a few word slip-ups and felt like I put great energy into reading. I cannot wait to continue practicing and getting better at reading and working on my on-camera presence.

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