Intern Blog 3: For the love of interning


It’s time for the third blog of my summer internship here at WAVY, and it’s with a heavy heart that I acknowledge the end is near. 

Driving home this past week I found myself getting slightly emotional (running off 4 hours of sleep will do that to you I suppose). Whatever the reason may be, I know that transitioning back into a life that does not revolve around news will be rough. 

It is not goodbye, only a see you later, but I can’t avoid the idea of “taking time off”. I truly do love what I do now and I wish this internship could last a lifetime.

On a happier note, it’s PROJECT PROPOSAL SEASON! 

I am ecstatic to announce my collaboration with the other talented interns! We are planning to present two blocks: one lifestyle segment and one hard news portion. 

Reviewing the examples of past interns projects has given me major insight on how I want to be able to present myself as a creative story teller. Watching not only fellow WAVY interns, but interns across the country via YouTube has been very educational. 

Although reporting is my forte, I am also aware of the importance of becoming a well-rounded employee. This is the best place to be for a youngster looking to know everything about anything!

This past week, I was able to shadow the all too knowledgeable Steven Crocker! Watching him direct morning shows,  I was able to connect the bridge between the variety of jobs  behind the scenes. Seeing how they “intern-twine” (sorry I couldn’t resist) really gave me an up on knowing how every job plays into another. 

Not only to create a thicker resume, but I think knowing all aspects of the industry is invaluable to more fluid communication. 

You never know how a colleague may feel or how you can make their day easier, until you have done their job. Knowing what goes into digital all the way through the photographers, gives you the power to make their day easier.

Respect in the work place is an important cog in a well-oiled machine. What better way to show that respect than understanding their daily workflow?

Overall, I am building my portfolio day by day with not only stand ups, but all departments available. I am again still so fortunate for this opportunity, and nothing will stop me from getting everything I can out of it!



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