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Before starting this internship, I imagined an intern as someone who grabbed the coffee and answered phones in between some job shadowing. Being an intern at WAVY-TV is not that! I am very much a part of the day to day operations, and feel like my work directly contributes to the company’s daily objectives.

Last week, I went to the morning news meeting with the goal of writing and producing the 4 p.m. topical on my own. Even though I knew my script and production would probably be ripped apart with corrections, I’d be better than I was at the end of the day. Knowing topicals have a strict deadline, I started as soon as I got back to my desk.

After Jason’s help with word choice and David Craft’s fact-checking, my script was off to the voice actor and I was in the studio clicking around in the AVID. Jason made a phone call Jason Marx, to get some good soundbites and b-roll. After that, it was about putting it all together slowly, but surely. By 1:35 p.m. I wanted to put on finishing touches all while still finding the buttons in AVID but Jason warned there was no time for that, “this has to be at the hub in about 10 minutes.” Jason jumped in to save, export, and import to the hub. It was done! Before I knew it, my first topical was on the air. The topical I produced that day aired multiple times before the 4 o’clock, and 7 o’clock newscasts.

Other than writing and producing topicals and floor directing on The Hampton Roads Show, I also shoot “Discovering Hampton Roads” with lifestyle and entertainment reporter, Symone Davis, every week. The segment is made for multimedia platforms and airs weekly on The Hampton Roads Show. I know I only see a small portion of what Symone does in her job, but if I could pick my ideal job at the station, it would be “On the Scene Reporter.” Since working with Symone, I’ve done shoots on the beach, on a boat tour, and at a dog park. Next week, we’re going on a ghost tour. She writes, shoots, and edits these segments, and then appears on the news and The Hampton Roads Show to talk about them and “What’s Happening” around the area.

When I made the choice to change the path of my career, I knew that lifestyle reporter could be an option, but it didn’t seem realistic because I don’t live in New York or California. Interning at WAVY doesn’t only validate my choice to go back to school, but also makes me feel like my aspirations are very real and obtainable.

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